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opt-out interface for visitors

can you please add the possibility for visitors that the can push a buttom that i can include on my website to "opt-out" from the tracker so that they are not recorded and stored in the database?

this would be very helpful !


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  • AdminBuleandra Cristian (Admin, tips4design) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    The problem with this, considering the following two cases, is:

    1) The user doesn't want to be recorded:
    Everything is recorded locally until he pushes the button. If he pushes the opt-out button, nothing else is recorded and no data is being sent to server.

    2) The user wants to be recorded:
    Everything is recorded locally until... ? We don't know if data should be sent to the server to be stored or not, unless there is also an opt-in button. So, instead of the opt-out button there could be a question with a Yes/No answer. If no is selected, no data is sent to the server. If yes is selected data will be send.

    The problem with this is that the user HAS to take a decision in order for data to be ever recorded, so this means the user has to take an extra action. This is not good or recommended for live websites, but this feature with opt-out might be useful for testing purposes (eg: you don't want to be tracked on your own website, you set a cookie to remember this and every time you enter on your website you will never be tracked).

    How does that sound? What is your opinion?

    Thank you for your feedback!

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